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Paver Sanding Specialist 

      The Right Price Liners is located in Ocala, Fl and they are your local experts at washing, sanding, and sealing all types of outdoor hard scapes and living spaces. We are honest and provide more value for your dollar, guaranteed. Let's start with we wash you pavers, then we apply the first coat of Polymeric sand, and apply water activating your sand and turning it into a grout-like substance. Here is what sets our paver sealing in Ocala apart from the rest, We apply a second coat of sand. That's imperative for the joints of your pavers to be filled consistently and evenly. One coat never works properly, never ever and two coats leave the pavers filled properly for years.   


Florida's heavy rains will wash the sand out from your pavers and leave your sidewalk, or driveway a mess. The Right Price can come and add lime rock underneath them and then re-install them using a level to make sure they're right. We then apply Polymeric Sand brushed into the cracks, and then water misted over the sand makes the sand become hard. Once that dries we repeat the process one more time, which will set you up for the long haul of inexpensive maintenance. Your set up for just a simple wash and seal for the next twenty years. Plus your sand looks consistent and there are no gaps in your pavers that the sand never was put in the first time. 

    One coat is never enough! The Right Price Liners always apply the sand twice. Apply let dry and repeat! Brick paver sanding in Ocala doesn't get any better than The Right Price. Proper Sealing comes next and that takes two coats also. Of course, you will have to wash and seal your pavers every few years but the sand is there to stay, keeping your pavers in place, where they belong. For sales or installation fill out the contact us form or Call or Text Tj Price at 352-789-3757.

 Your Free Estimate is just a phone call away, so don't miss your opportunity to do it right time and get the most value for your money.

Get on the schedule before November 30th 2022 and qualify for a ten percent discount. 

Brick Paver sidewalk that is faded from the sun and you see landscaping and the front of a house
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The Right Price Liners 

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Quality Paver Washing / Sanding / & Sealing

Paver Sealing is Easy enough right? To be honest it's not! When we prepare pavers for sanding and sealing we also make sure all of the oils are off the pavers. It's another step that other companies fail to provide and another reason The RIght Price Liners provides more value for your money. 

Good reasons for keeping up on your pavers maintenance. 

 @ Floridas Sun Will Fade Your Pavers Luxurious Look Fast

 @ Floridas Rain Will Wash Out Your Pavers Fast, makes them Un-Safe

 @ Do it Right the First Time / Saves You Money For Years To Come

 Ocala Paver Sealing 

Brick pavers in Florida left unsealed will fade fast, losing their beautiful colors doesn't enhance the look of your home. If it's outside in Florida it will need maintenance. Seal the Deal.

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