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red brick pavers with half the picture un sealed and the other half sealed

  Paver Sealing & Repair                   November 10th 2022

     The Right Price Liners is a pool company located in Ocala, Fl that specializes is in paver restoration. Living in Florida we all know the weather is unpredictable, and the thunderstorms can throw down some water. When your brick pavers starting falling down from the dirt or lime-rock underneath them it can become more than just an eyesore. Let the pros from The Right Price come and restore your brick pavers, we pressure wash, then use Polymeric sand for the cracks. Two coats actually and finish them off with the best oil-based sealer on the planet. 


     Mr. Price has specialized in working with his hands and finding ways to do the job the best it can be done. The Right Price doesn't just send any worker to your home we are a small company of specialists who have repaired and painted pool decks for over thirty years and have earned the knowledge of knowing what products are great to use and what products aren't not so great. Your brick pavers cost a lot to install and we help you keep them looking new for as long as we can. 

     As a homeowner, your pool needs to be cleaned regularly like your yard needs to be cut. Your pavers need attention regularly also, instead of every week, they should be sealed every two years. It doesn't matter what brand or type of sealer you use, the weather in Florida has a mind of its own and will bend the will of your bricks quickly if we don't keep them up. The first time that The Right Price works for you restoring your pavers in Ocala will cost a little more than the years after that, and that's because we go all out the first trip, which makes the time after much easier for us and less costly for you.  

     The knowledge we bring with us is priceless and the quality work we provide comes in second to none. We want to help you maintain your pavers as long as possible and look forward to the pleasure of meeting you. The Right Price Pool Liners is Ocala's best paver washing, sanding, and sealing company and you can reach TJ Price using our simple to use contact form or just call or a text 352-789-3757 and schedule your estimate today. 



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The Right Price Liners 

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Ocala Brick Paver Washing - Sanding - Sealing

Looking for an Ocala brick paver to give your paver surfaces an upgrade or just...   a good pressure cleaning? The Right Price Liners provides Ocala area residential, professional concrete cleaning and, paver

restorations that last for years. 

First a good pressure cleaning to remove dirt and oils from the brick then we use Polymeric sand that hardens, and protects your pavers from Florida hard rains and being washed out, it also keeps the grass from growing up through your pavers making them an eye soar instead of something that catches your eye. Give Tj a Call or Text he is always Happy to Help. 

 Pool Deck Painting & Repair

If you don't have brick pavers around your pool and have cracks that look terrible, maybe even dangerous. TJ Price and make them disappear! He turns your old into Solid Gold!

Call or Text: 

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