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Beautiful new blue pool liner installed and the pool deck has been repaired and painted a light cream color

Ocala Pool Deck Painting 

     Is your pool deck seem like it's pulling apart with cracks an inch wide with one side of the crack higher than the other? Do you think you should bust up the concrete and start again? The RIght Price Liers has thirty-plus years of experience in Ocala pool deck painting & repairs and wants to let you know that you do not have to bust up your concrete and pour new. We have proven techniques to make even the worst pool deck look new again and not only that the way we repair the deck when the sand moves beneath your deck and the deck tries to crack again our proven products bridge.  If you don't know what bridge means we will go over everything so you fully understand when we come to give you the Free Estimate you're looking for.

     TJ Price started out Pressure cleaning and screening pool enclosures when he was sixteen years old and did such a good job his customers would inquire about him painting the deck. He went to the largest painting company in Ocala walked onto one of their jobs and asked who the best painter was with the most knowledge. John Hokoana from Hawaii spoke up and said it was him. John left his job that day and went to work for Tj for the next three years before moving back to Hawaii. He knew all the secrets and taught them to Tj so our pool repair and painting is second to none. This process repeated itself customers wanted Tj Price to do everything they needed for the exterior work around their homes. That why we offer an array of professional services that really all go hand in hand with one another. 

     We take pride in all the work we do and we enjoy providing you the best value for your money while helping you live a better life. Your home is a place to enjoy we turn into a place for your very own vacation every day you get to spend there. Look No Further you have found the best pool deck painting Ocala, company there is, so go ahead and fill out our simple to use contact us form or call Tj at 352-789-3757 and ask to put on the schedule for your Free Estimate.  Our finished product is amazing and this year, amazing is what you deserve.   

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The Right Price Liners 

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Our highly trained team of pressure cleaners have the best tools and practice the best techniques. Please take the time to learn about our company and the professional services we provide. They all go hand in hand with your pool and the exterior of your home. If you like what you see Call or text 352-789-3757 

Brick paver Restoration using the best Polymeric Sand on the market followed up by the best oil best sealer on the planet. Tj Price has used this sealer for over twenty years and it's bulletproof and lasts a few years. We live in Florida there isn't a product made that lasts to Long.

Pool Deck Painting & Repairs Ocala 

 Exterior Home Painting

Tj Price has painted residential homes in Ocala for over thirty years and can meet you at several homes that were painted in Ocala over 25 years ago that still look amazing. Quality Materials and Better Quality Application. 

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