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How It All Began

Your home is your largest investment and where you spend most of your time. Your family will make lifetime memories their and you have to keep up with the inside and outside of any house, they all take work. With both parents having to work to keep up with the bills and necessities, then coming home to run the kids to soccer, football or whatever they do after school, the upkeep get hard to keep up with. Taking care of your homes exterior it what we do best and we are not a large company but every person on our roster is a quarterback, no slackers here. This is important as you expect to get what you pay for but most of the time your left asking yourself was that worth it?

We take the time to do every service we offer the right way and we do it for The Right Price! I used this name after a good friend of mine named Frankie Deluca and I was painting a pool deck here in Ocala and Frankie asked me how much did you charge them TJ? I told him the price and he was shocked at how low the price was and how amazing I made the pool look. My Last name is Price and Frankie said these people got the right Price for this job and I said I agree, but Frankie said no bro I mean you, they got the right guy to make their pool look new again. We laughed and I looked over at him and said maybe I should change my company's name to The Right Price Pool Service Inc. and he agreed. With In two weeks I was fully committed to the name and making moves that it took to make it official.

I have had years of experience in every service I offer so I personally guarantee that you will be more then pleased with our work and our prices. Since we started the company it has taken off like a rocket and the name turned out to be a great marketing tool that was easy to remember and who doesn't like to save money while getting a great job done on their home. You can see all of the services we provide on the website and we are always happy to answer all your questions on any topic wether we are doing your work or not. I enjoy helping others so call me anytime at


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