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Homeowners your pool is made of aluminum, white and bronze are your only two options! The method the manufactures use to make the color of your pool enclosure frame is a powder coat that is spread across the metal and then put into an very hot oven and the powder coat is baked onto the aluminum. This is the way it is and its not going to change.

If you live in Florida this becomes problematic as the sun in Florida re-bakes the original powder coat turning the paint back into powder. Once your pool enclosure goes through 10 years of re-baking you might find that when you have your pool enclosure pressure washed that the company that pressure washed the enclosure left what looks like streaks in the paint from where the company missed and your enclosure looks terrible.

I will give you a couple hints how to prevent this from happening. First you keep the pool enclosure cleaned properly ever year. This means hiring a company that has a commercial pressure washer and pressure washes the enclosure consistently keeping the spray the same distance from every inch of the enclosure. This will keep the re-baking process from happening. If you allow your pool enclosure to go years without being properly cleaned what happens is the powder coat, the mildew and grime hold onto the moisture after each rain. Anything that holds moisture makes the paint breakdown faster and more frequently.

Lets use your pool deck as an example, we all keep our pools chlorine and chemicals along with the kids toys in some kinda of plastic box or plastic shelves. If you do not ever move the location of the box from one area of the deck to another, the moistures stays under the box breaking down your pool deck paint. Then after three years you finally move the box and pressure wash the deck you will find that as you pressure wash you will see the paint peeling of the pools deck. That is you fault for not taking care of the pool deck and moving the box and cleaning under the box frequently.

Call us and allow us to maintain you pools frame, screen and deck with our commercial pressure washers and years of knowledge. If your pools frame is in bad shape we can provide the kind of service that brings it back to life and we can even paint the frame and you can make your original pool enclosure looking good for decades. We will happily come out and give you a FREE consultation.

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